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A Bluer Sky (Feat. Tanja Langerbeins)

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Every now and then the clouds appear and it begins to rain.
Every now and then my heart will tear and lets in all the pain.
Every now and then I have to try
to see beyond the clouds to a bluer sky.
I don't have to stand out in the rain.
I don't have to live in fear or pain.

It wasn't very long ago that my heart was filled with love.
It's so easy and I think I know that I can rise above
tears of sorrow I feel behind my eyes.
If I open up I'll realize
there's a truer me and a bluer sky.
There's a real me and a bluer sky.

Did you every have a dream at night that you were truly free?
When you woke it didn't feel right - you thought this just can't be me.
Maybe you are freer than you know.
Maybe you're not letting something go.
Maybe if you just let yourself cry
you'd find a truer you and a bluer sky.

See the real you and a bluer sky.
Find the real you and bluer sky.
see the real you and a bluer sky.

A bluer sky.... A bluer sky...