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A Closer Look (album on Spotify) 

The Light Has Come - my newest on youtube.

Cover songs and more on ReverbNation

I appreciate tips

When the weather is nice enough, I enjoy busking - playing guitar outside for tips. Music is freely heard on the internet, so I don't expect anyone to "buy" it. One day I  decided to keep my guitar case closed. A woman came along with a dollar bill in hand and asked, "where do I put this?" I said, I'm not asking for tips today. "Oh..", she said and walked away disappointingly. I realized that people "want" to show their appreciation. So I now happily accept tips. :)  

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Click here if you'd like to throw a dollar or whatever into my virtual guitar case. And Thank You very much! It helps pay for guitar strings and other equipment. 

Beautiful people making music with me

Janey Neal

Janey Neal sings "Canyon Ferry"

Janey Neal sings "Canyon Ferry" beautifully. The lyrics are written by my wife Zinda. The guitar track is mine. Click here to listen on ReverbNation.

Tanja Langerbeins


Tanja's sweet voice sings along with my guitar tracks for the two songs "A Bluer Sky" and "I Dream". Tanja is in Germany. I so appreciate current technology that allows us to make music and friends around the world! Click here to listen.

Jorgen Ollson

Jorgen Ollson sings "As I Take a Closer Look"

Jorgen Ollson of Denmark made an incredible arrangement of my song "As I Take A Closer Look" Very smooth voice. Click here to listen.

Mark Cedermark

Mark Cedermark

Mark Cedermark, also in Denmark, made a fun arrangement of my song "I Love You Forever". Click to Listen.

For More From the Artists


Here are some links to originals by those artists (no particular order):

Mark Cedermark "Good Mornig Beautiful Sun"

Janey Neal's "Consent"

Jorgen Ollson's "I Keep the Roses

Tanja Langerbeins "I Can Fly"

A Good song by moody blues

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