Raymond Hogue


Notes to Self

by Raymond Hogue

not yet published as an album
  • 02:53 Story Lyrics Boundless Love

    by Raymond Hogue

    May everyone be happy
    may everyone be free
    may everyone know perfect peace
    and live in harmony

    Let us clear our minds
    of all that isn't true
    then may we all find
    boundless love for me and you

    Let's open up our eyes
    take a look around
    let us realize
    the love that has no bounds!

    (I don't see it needing a 2nd verse, cuz what more to say about it? :) )

    (I've been enjoying getting the music ready and being my own studio. I'm getting better at it).


  • 05:01 Story Lyrics With You
    with you
    with you I don't mind the cold and rain
    for you
    for you I'd walk a thousand miles again
    with you
    with you is where I always want to be
    for you
    for you i'd swim a cold and raging sea
    with you is where I want to stay
    for you
    for you I give my love all night and day
  • 04:27 Lyrics We Are In Love

    by Raymond Hogue

    Love, love is forever
    and peace whatever the weather
    love is right here and now
    and i know that somehow
    that it's true
    it's easy to see
    that the same love for me
    is for you.. too
    let us remember
    the giver of all that is ours
    let us give thanks for the moon
    and the sun and the stars... and the sky



  • 03:35 Ode to Ode to Joy
This album has not yet been released worldwide. It is still in progress.