Raymond Hogue



by Raymond Hogue

Released 2017
Released 2017
This album is myself singing my original songs of love and playing a 12-string acoustic guitar. I consider my music to be inspirational and uplifting.
Most of my songs are about the wonderful experiences in my life. At the time of the release of this album I am 65 years of age. All my songs are about Love and goodness and peace. These songs tell the story of myself and my wife of 42 years. :) I created "Again" so that I can sing my own songs. Some of the songs here are also on my album "A Closer Look" sung by people who have collaborated with me. Those friends are very worth hearing.

About the songs:
"Bells Began Ringing" - A song about meeting my wife for the first time. It was a beautiful sunny day. We met at the corner of Granite and Montana streets in Butte, MT.

"Canyon Ferry" - My wife Zinda wrote the lyrics to this. It's a shared memory of the two of us sleeping outside under the stars in our sleeping bags at a lake called Canyon Ferry near Helena MT.

"As I Take a Closer Look" - Just a song of appreciation for our blessings - for all the goodness that we have and that we are.

"I Dream" - a song of how I like to see things.

"I Love You Forever" - a bit more rock-n-roll than my other songs.

"Winter Moon" - a few months after Zinda (my wife) met we had a quarrel and she took a bus back to her family in Olympia, WA. After 3 days of her being gone I realized I made a mistake by chasing her away. So I decided to hitchhike from Butte in hopes of us being together again. So I stood at the freeway on a cold December night hoping for a ride towards WA. It was freezing cold, but I was determined. There was no traffic. Finally a man in beat up pickup truck did give me a ride for several miles.

"Aura's Song" - Aura is my daughter. We had only the one child. This song is about the wonderful memories with her.

"Dragon Fire" - song about Zinda and I living in a cottage near a swampy area in Olympia, WA.

"A Bluer Sky" - I wrote this during a time when we had to file for bankruptcy. I was very down and depressed. Writing this song helped me.

"Again" - A wish to continue to be carefree and spontaneous ... again.

I hope you enjoy my music! Thank you !